How To Use Skylight Card?

With the SkylightPayCard, now online payment is more supported and easier than ever for the users from their comfortable location. Users’ capital is always safe in the SkylightPayCard Login account and easily accessible online.

There are several ways to use the card. Here are a few features of the card:-

Know Your SkylightPayCard Balance

  • Enter the card number and PIN code to get the balance online.
  • Write “BAL” to 22622 from the phone to get the balance portably.
  • Register to the newsletter to get all the updates regarding the card.
  • Manage the registered SkylightPayCard Login account through online banking.

How The SkylightPayCard Works?

Gas Stations – If users select the alternative of direct debit when paying at the pump and enter their PIN, an authorization up to $ 75 can be arranged for their account. Another alternative is to take the card to the assistant for redeeming the points.

Restaurants – If users are paying an eatery house bill, please note that the SkylightPayCard account balance must be sufficient for availing a 20% tip on the transaction to get approved alongside the account.

Make Purchases With SkylightPayCard

If the purchase is more than the available SkylightPayCard Balance, the transaction will be declined unless users are authorized to sign the overdraft charge.

  • Swipe the SkylightPayCard on the pad.
  • Choose the direct debit option.
  • Enter the 4-digit PIN code in the relevant section.
  • Get a cash refund (free) by choosing ‘Yes’ when indicated by the machine, then select the amount. If users do not want a refund, select No.
  • Make sure to take the original receipt mandatorily.

Accessible Mobile Banking Features

  • Skylight service is accessible on Android and iOS platforms.
  • Even get services like finding an ATM location at no supplementary cost.
  • Users can send money to P2P.
  • Acknowledge the direct deposit feature.
  • View and get details about the transaction history.