Funding & Transactions

SkylightPayCard was issued to provide online access to a traditional prepaid card and get electronic deposits, such as periodic pay stubs. Users can also add supplementary funds to their account by hitting any participating Visa or ReadyLink reseller nationwide.

In addition to these deposits, only MoneyGram ExpressPayments (limited to $ 1,000.00 per transaction and a peak of $ 1,000 per week from Monday through Sunday are recommended. Prices are subject to change as per the prospects like the SkylightPayCard Balance.

Users must be aware that there may be charges for reloading the card at other places and these corporations may also direct charges for the services provided to the cardholders. On the other hand, they must check the card operator’s payment schedule at the portal to find out what charges are particularly charged.

Without immediate deposits from the employer, the highest amount that can be loaded onto the card in a singular reload is $ 5,000 per day. The highest Skylight Pay Card balance users can have on the card at any one time if they add it is limited to $ 10,000 merely.

Cardholders grant the officials the authority to automatically bill these overdrafts for current or future additions to the SkylightPayCard. You also agree to pay the ongoing overdraft fee from time to time for any transaction that reduces your available card balance below zero.

If the transaction with a merchant passes the SkylightPayCard Balance, they must inform the merchant before ending the transaction. If the merchant allows clients to finish the transaction, the merchant will request the amount deductible by another means if not accessible with the SkylightPayCard.

In addition to the cardholder’s rights under this agreement, they agree to the below-mentioned criteria for the SkylightPayCard Login portal:

(a) that the organization to pay the overdraft.
(b) authorize the business to withhold planned overdraft charges.
(c) give consent to disclose to the corporation the value and concerns of the overdraft for SkylightPayCard.