Card Disclaimer

SkylightPayCard gives a convenient online service individually and does not control or is liable for a lender’s actions or commissions. SkylightPayCard is not an agent, or broker of a creditor and does not recommend or bill for unspecified services or products.

Cardholders are not required to utilize the financial service offered to contact through login portal to contact or ask for credit or loan products from a service provider.

Subject to the SkylightPayCard privacy policy, the official delegates transfers the data to creditors of the program and other service providers and marketing organizations with whom the business is done.

Officials of the SkylightPayCard do not guarantee that finishing an application form will appear in the end process with a lender, proposing a loan product with adequate rates or terms, or acquiring a loan from a lender.

SkylightPayCard Login portal users have to mandatorily register their Social Security Number, driver’s license number, identification details, or other state or federal credentials and verify their data towards the national databases.

Service providers or lenders usually do not conduct credit checks with the three principal credit bureaus, namely Experian, Equifax, or TransUnion. By submitting the user application and data on the official login portal. Moreover, users also agree with the firm on sharing their data for business purposes.

However, in certain cases, some service providers get credit checks or customer reports from alternative third-party providers, such as Teletrack or DP Bureau, which usually do not affect the creditworthiness in genuine circumstances.

It must be noted that the transfer times may vary from user to user and depend on the specific financial organization with which the cardholder is associated. SkylightPayCard payment terms vary by lender and local laws, and not everyone is suitable for the 90-day terms.

Faxes may be needed in certain situations. For more data, questions, or concerns about the prepayment, please contact the service provider mandatorily.